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Нефтяные суперплатформы super rigs avi и индийский сериал вторая свадьба онлайн в хорошем качестве все серии

Tricked out trucks line Main Street in Joplin, this weekend for the 34th annual Shell Rotella Super Rigs Beauty Contest. SuperRigs in Tulsa May 18-20, where amazing Big Rigs compete in hopes of securing a spot in the SuperRigs calendar and a piece of k in prizes. The 35th Anniversary Shell ROTELLA SuperRigs® will be held May 18-20 at the Exchange Center at Expo Square in Tulsa, Okla. with a theme of “Titans.

Highlights from Shell Rotella SuperRigs' annual truck parade, which featured downtown staging of dozens of the country's top show trucks, along with a truck.

Rigs super суперплатформы нефтяные avi

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