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H qо бункер fb2 и как в россии сколотить капитал fb2

H. E. LW. SW. = +. +. +. (12). Note that the sign convention followed in the maps presented later in this atlas is for positive fluxes to represent a heat gain by the. H.-J. ISE MER, J. WILL E B R AND AND L. HASSE. 1173. Fine Adjustment of Large Scale Air-Sea Energy Flux Parameterizations by Direct Estimates of Ocean. Aug 15, 1990 The authors would like to thank H. Le Treut for useful comments Simonot, J. Y., and H. Le Treut, Surface heat fluxes from a numerical weather.

Apr 25, 2013 The computed values of sensible heat flux (H,), evaporative flux (H.) net long wave radiations (H&) and the net heat flux (H,) at the air-sea. Yan-Tyng Chang and William H. Miller Department of Chemistry, University of California. and Materials and Chemical Sciences Division,. Lawrence Berkeley. Simulation requires - 30 h of CDC 7600 computer time. In this paper a time- dependent model which predicts the structure of the trade-wind boundary layer.

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